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Currently, the author, dragonmmho, is desperately trying to keep up with the constant dilemma of TOO MANY HOBBIES. Throw in a couple of jobs, volunteer work, and charity events on top of the hobbies, and it's no little wonder this author is one of the worst when it comes to updating her precious fanfiction.

She tries her best and is at the same time embarrassed and proud to say that her fanfiction has been online since July 1999. Readers may be elated or discouraged (depending what type of reader you are) that The Prophecy is slated for 25 main chapters with the possibility of a few interludes in between.

Although The Prophecy has a loyal and fervent following, don't expect to see it published since, after all, THIS IS A FANFICTION. If dragonmmho publishes this story, she'll have lawyers chasing her and then you'll never see the rest of the story. AHHH!

The author is considering writing an original fantasy story of her own eventually, but don't hold your breathe. Any possibilities won't happen until this fanfiction is finally complete. *sigh* Until then, dragonmmho sincerely hopes that you will enjoy The Prophecy and says thanks to all the persistent readers, who have followed this story since the very beginning, for hanging in there.

There have been issues with the Yahoo! chat room for some people on The Mailing List. To solve this problem, dragonmmho has set up an account with ICQ...a way for people to chat without having to download the program onto their own computer. To add dragonmmho to your ICQ list, message, or start the web-based version of ICQ, click on the appropriate links below.

One warning: If you start pestering the author with messages of "When are you going to finish?", you'll get blocked out faster than you can "oh oh".

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