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Prologue Chapter I

Chapter II
"Strange Acquaintances"
Chapter III
"Introspection: Allen"
Chapter IV
"Introspection: Merle"
Chapter V
Chapter VI
"Revelations I"
Chapter VII
Interlude I Chapter VIII
"Revelations II"

Chapter IX
"The Fallen One"

Chapter X
"Introspection: Millerna"

Chapter XI

Chapter XII

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The Prophecy, original characters, artwork and links Melinda Ho, dragonmmho 1999 - 2004. All rights reserved.
The Prophecy
is a fanfiction, images in The Gallery are either original or fan art and are not for sale or profit.
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The Vision of Escaflowne title, names and characters Hajime Yadate and Shouji Kawamori.
This fanfiction also includes parts from the anime/manga Rurouni Kenshin.
All characters and references to it the property of Sony and Nobuhiro Watsuki.