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Ah, my poor, beleagured readers. I'm not much of an author to read these days, am I? Already it's been half a year since my promised chapters were due, and yet, we are no closer than where we have been.

I have often wondered whether or not to continue writing this story. The chapters are there, either in small parts or in whole, and yet it's very far from being complete. After over 6 years of working on this story..., do I continue? Or at long last, throw in the perverbial towel?

The next 6 months are going to be highly stressful, both at work, as well as my personal life. I can make no promises that this story will continue. I've had some readers request that I put them out of their misery and take this site down if I no longer wish to continue.

However, there is still the desire to see this story with an ending. It won't happen in the near future, or any time soon. But it will. Eventually.

As always, I do enjoy hearing from my readers...but pleas to post or update frequently are usually ignored. We all have our own lives to lead, and when time permits me, a chapter will come in its own due time.

Until then, Happy Year of the Rooster and cinnamon hearts for all.


It's not what you think, there isn't a new chapter out yet. There is a new update in The Gallery, and some exciting news. (Well, I'm excited about it anyway).

First, there's an addition to The Reader's Fan Art Gallery. A gorgeous, gothic piece of Van and Seiki by Sora that you see below. I've had it for a couple months; however, once again my troublesome POS computer died on me and wasn't allowing me to do crap all with my files. But here it is, and I hope to see more fan art from this very talented artist.

My other news  is that a new section in The Gallery will be created called The Illustrator's Gallery. There is a local artist here who has taken an interest in The Prophecy, and we are currently in the mist of collaborating on some character portraits and scenes from the story that I simply don't have the time to create myself.

Since it's still in the planning stage, I don't know if The Illustrator's Gallery will come to fruition, but we're crossing our fingers and will keep you updated.

Until then, cheers, and happy furry bunnies day ;)



Okay, so it seems that August was a total write-off since I started working full-time as well. Oops. Chapter XII is finally out and I am working on XIII as well. If I'm lucky and people here leave me alone long enough to do some writing, we'll be up to Chapter XIV by the end of summer. Of course, that's being optimistic, and people never leave me alone.

And for some of the younger readers out there, the next few chapters are going to be fairly dark ones. Be forewarned...what you read may be disturbing, and violent for some. The picture is not meant to be pretty, and I know that some readers will question why I decide to portray the story as it continues. Have faith that I'm staying true to the my original intention of The Prophecy.

At least you know that I'm still working on this thing ;) My muse leaves me for long bouts and try as I might, writing doesn't always come easily.

As always, thanks to my readers for your enduring patience. I can't believe that this project has been ongoing for 5 years. How pitiful my output is considering we're only half way there, but hopefully the story is worth it to you to hang in there and to continue reading.

Thanks again!



Sorry everyone. In case you haven't figured it out, Chapter XII has been delayed due to the fact that Chapter XIII is currently undergoing a rewrite. I had a couple of holes that kept popping up and to keep them from reoccurring further on in the story, I must deal with them now. In the end, I hope it will make the overall story much better.

Unfortunately, I don't have a date of release yet for Chapter XII. My house is currently under renovation, so it makes it very difficult to work on the story in my free time while saws and hammers keep in tune with the typing of the keys.

However by the end of August, everyone will be out of here, and some semblance of normalcy will return. By then I will hopefully have enough done on Chapter XIII to release Chapter XII.

Until then, cheerio!



There have been issues with the Yahoo! chat room for some people on The Mailing List. To solve this problem, I've set up an account with ICQ...a way for people to chat without having to download the program onto their own computer. To add me to your ICQ list, message me, or start the web-based version of ICQ, go to The Author link.

If you would like me to add you to my contact list, please send me a message specifying that you're a Prophecy reader. Otherwise, though I may be on your list, you'll be ignored.

One warning: If you start pestering me with messages of "When are you going to finish?", you'll get blocked out faster than you can blink.



Hey everyone! Just thought I would let the members of the escaprophecy yahoo mailing list know that on Sunday, July 6, 2003, at 10:00 p.m. MST, the chat room will be open for a question and answer period about The Prophecy. I'd love to hear what questions you might have for me.

Hopefully I won't be the only one in the room then :) Until then!



Well, I guess you can't get any earlier in June than today. Yes, be happy, it's Chapter XI "Reunions"! Didn't think it would happen huh? : Muahahaha. Well, it's the same ol' drill. LMK what you think, and critiques are welcome.

Chapter XII "Intrigues" will be out early/mid July hopefully. I may have to hold that one back until I've finished writing a couple more chapters, but we'll see. If things are going well enough, it will be out. If things don't go well, I'm sure you'll notice :)

Oh, and in case you haven't notices yet, just under the navigation bar on the main page is my mood indicator from Pretty nifty I think.

And I like my little animated Kenshin here. Isn't he cute? LOL



There are two new Prophecy banners up that you can use to link to. You can also see it on The Links page with the HTML code.

The artwork used in the second banner is up in The Gallery under the Original Artwork page.


(Gasp) It's an update! Hey, a new chapter, new links, and a new setup for everything. Not precisely a new look, just cleaning up the pages since I had to redo most of them. Yes, it's Chapter X "Introspection: Millerna". I know it's not a very long chapter, but expect to see Chapter XI in early June. Chapter XI "Reunions" is a pretty hefty one.

Until then, I hope that the new site and new links will keep you occupied enough. ^_^

If you have any fan art you'd like to send, e-mail it to me your image, name, and if you like, e-mail, and I'll try to post it up on the Reader's Fan Art page ASAP.

Also goes for any Escaflowne, escaflowne fanfiction, Rurouni Kenshin personal pages you'd like added  to the links page. Please send your URL, name of site, and a banner image for your link.

If you'd like to link to me, you can use this banner and the HTML code to link to it, but make sure to download the image onto your own computer firs and fill in your own URLt:

 <p align="center"><a href="">
<img border="0" src="http://yourhomepageURL/sitelink.jpg" width="392" height="122"></a></p>


Just wanted to let you know that I'm finally up and running again. There are some files I need to rebuild, but other than that, my computer is finally working.

Unfortunately, the character site I was so close to posting will be's one of the files I need to rebuild. *sigh*

The month of April is my last month of school, so look forward to Millerna's chapter to be posted in May.

That's it! Hope everyone is well and thanks for hanging in there!

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