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The Original Artwork

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This picture of Seiki is the darkest one I've done yet. I wanted to reflect the darker side of a Seiki who will appear in the later chapters.'s those darn blood-tipped wings. Hee hee.

This is also the first time I've used pencil pastels on black paper. With the help of Adobe Photoshop 6.0, I was able to emphasize the deep red colour that accents the picture.

I like the picture overall, but it looks like I'll have to practice doing feathers more before I'm comfortable with them.



This is my first attempt at putting Musalen, Loki's companion, into image form. I used the pencil graphite/charcoal combination that I used for most of my pictures so far.

I'll probably revisit Muslaen again because I'm not very happy with then end result.



In this variation of the twins, I added in a detailed image of Seiki's now famous staff that's been carved with all the martial art animal disciplines she's learned. The picture is drawn in pencil graphite and charcoal.

Honestly, the staff took longer to draw than the entire picture put together.




This picture is seen on the main page. Originally it started off as a black and white pencil sketch of Himura Seiki, the protagonist of The Prophecy. Eventually for the purpose of the website, some CGI was added to it.

Seiki's sword is suppose to represent not a real sword, but a sword made of spirit, otherwise known as a "chi sword", thus transparent.


Seiji & Seiki

This picture was my first attempt at visualizing what Seiki and Seiji would look like based on the original Vision of Escaflowne series. I had intended Seiji to have a haircut reminiscent of Van, but it didn't turn out like I have intended.

The colour for this picture was done with experimental watercolours...again, something I was not too pleased with in the end. However, the picture gives an idea of their features and colouring.


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